Published: 06/11/2017

Technology is shaping society but is it making us uncomfortable?  From the murky depths of fake news to the explosive growth of chatbots, how can brands build and maintain trust in this rapidly-evolving world?

In the webinar, Nitin Nishandar, Regional Managing Director, Brand & Shopper, draws insights from Connected Life, our 56-country study, exploring the hidden dangers of trust online to help brands in Asia Pacific answer some tough questions:

  • Is connectivity improving or eroding customer relationships? 
  • When it comes to personal data, are we on the losing end of an unfair exchange, and what can businesses do to rebuild trust?
  • How is a world of self-serving or fake information eroding consumer trust in brand messages?
  • How can brands create new eCommerce opportunities by overcoming trust issues?

Visit the Connected Life homepage to find out more, download the report or get in touch.