Facebook Messenger's introduction of chat bots powered by Artificial Intelligence is a move designed to turn the instant messaging platform into a space where brands can become an intuitive part of their audiences’ messaging conversations.

Yet in Asia, brands have been a natural part of the chat conversations that people have on mobile-based instant messaging platforms thanks to WeChat, LINE and Kakao Talk.

For around five years the experience of consumers interacting with brands on these chat apps has been largely unique to these parts of the world – but not for much longer. What was once an Asian model is now being transplanted onto global platforms and has immense potential to reach billions of people as a result – if businesses and brands watch and learn from the experienced players in Asia.

Chat apps present a strategic opportunity for businesses to streamline their interactions with consumers and create a more personalised experience across:

  • Customer service
  • Content delivery
  • Commerce

How can brands join the chat app conversation? To find out more about the chat app landscape and the implications of chatbots, download our report.

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