• 77% of connected consumers in APAC made their most recent online purchase via mobile
  • Indonesians the most likely to use mobile to buy online, whilst Australians most wedded to desktop
  • Music fastest growing category for emerging markets

5 December 2017, Singapore: Connected consumers in Asia Pacific are one third (33%) more likely make an online purchase on their mobile than via a desktop or laptop according to the results from the latest Connected Life study from Kantar TNS. Over three quarters (77%) of people in APAC with access to the internet made their most recent online purchase on mobile, in comparison to 61% globally, 48% in LATAM and 24% in Europe.

The results show that the rise in m-commerce can be attributed to emerging, mobile-first markets in the region, where 83% of people with an internet connection say that they made their last purchase  online using their mobile, in comparison to 34% of consumers in developed APAC.

Indonesians are the most likely to shop online using their mobile, with 93% saying their most recent purchase was via mobile, whereas only 5% used a desktop. On the other end of the spectrum, Australians are least likely to buy online using mobile, only 22% making their last purchase using their smartphone.

The fastest growing categories across all devices differ depending on the maturity of the ecommerce market. Among emerging markets, music, media and travel are the fastest growing categories year on year – traditionally the first categories that benefit from a rise in ecommerce activity.

In developed markets, penetration in these categories has plateaued, whilst categories such as apparel and food and beverage are growing rapidly as payment systems, delivery and customer service improves.  

Commenting on the findings, Nitin Nishandar, Regional Managing Director, Brand & Shopper, Kantar TNS said:

“Ecommerce channels are opening up a range of new items to consumers in emerging countries, however trust is still a barrier when it comes to completing the sale. The security of knowing they are buying better quality goods is a key factor that would make consumers in the markets more likely to buy online, so brands should focus on making sure that authenticity is front and centre of their strategy.

“However, in developed markets where trust has been established, value is key. Cost-conscious consumers cite free delivery as something that is more likely to make them buy online. Hidden charges, high postage costs and lengthy delivery times are going to put off savvy consumers who will be likely to go elsewhere”    




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About Connected Life

Connected Life is Kantar TNS’s annual study of digital behaviour, conducting quantitative interviews with 70,000 consumers across 56 countries and over 100 qualitative interviews across 12 countries. In Asia Pacific, 23,895 quantitative interviews were conducted. Fieldwork was conducted from May – August 2017. The definition of developed nations and emerging countries are based on the World Bank classifications. Developed nations include: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Emerging countries include: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Study content includes: media consumption, device infrastructure, digital activities, purchase (online and offline), respondent profiles, brand engagement touchpoints, drivers of eCommerce, deep dive into social networks, and attitudes to brands and technology.