Media fragmentation is often described as the biggest brand challenge of the digital age. In reality, it’s the greatest opportunity.

Connected Life

Is it getting harder to connect with consumers?
As consumers move across multiple channels and adopt more advanced devices, targeting them becomes ever more complex. Yet there is a pattern to their behaviour; consumers are selecting the device, channel or touch-point that’s right for them and the moment they are in.

Understanding these patterns allows the targeting of individuals and groups to be far more precise and ultimately delivers against both long and short term marketing objectives with greater accuracy.

Connected Life delivers better decision making in a connected world.

It’s time to connect with the latest insights
Covering regular internet users in 50 markets around the world, this report offers essential insight into the impact of the growing digital ecosystem on the media landscape. It uncovers new and exciting opportunities for marketers to connect with their consumers in this increasingly complex environment by uncovering:

  • How the growing digital ecosystem has impacted media habits
  • „„The reach of digital platforms and channels throughout the day
  • „„How and why consumers engage with brands
  • How digital the Path to Purchase is across markets and categories

About the study

Geographic reach
The study covers 50 markets around the world.

Media consumption, device infrastructure, digital activities, daypart usage, research/purchase (online and offline), respondent profiles, category touch points, future behaviour.

Standard access
Clients purchasing the study will receive a standard report and access to an interactive data platform; regional, multi-market and global packages are also available on request.

Interactive data platform
Offers the ability to filter results to specific categories and audiences, based on demographics and category purchase.

Bespoke reporting
Consultancy to support the activation of the study in specific categories or geographies is available on an ad hoc basis.

A new segmentation approach is included in the study, examining the extent to which people are connected and their social influence. This segmentation will be applicable to any existing study.

Other studies
Connected Life replaces TNS’s Mobile Life and Digital Life studies, but offers the ability to compare results for key areas such as online activities. TNS has been studying the new consumer behaviours, attitudes and motivations that have emerged in this connected world for over ten years.