What is a Mystery Shopper?

The key is never to criticise but simply to provide a factual report that will be of benefit to the business you are assessing. This will help them to understand how well their staff are serving their customers and how any improvements might be made.

Why should I become a TNS Mystery Shopper?

At TNS we understand the importance of offering great service and we have been using Mystery Shopping as a research technique for many years. We are renowned for taking a unique approach to improving the delivery of customer service. We also help our clients to improve and compare their service quality by gathering information on their competitors. This boosts both the awareness and importance of good customer service. By becoming a mystery shopper you will directly contribute to the improvement of customer service as well as getting paid to do it. After all, you too are a customer so why not let your voice be heard!

What am I expected to do?

When you conduct a mystery shopping assessment, you are acting as an ambassador for all of the other customers whose voices are rarely heard. Your role is to observe and to report. Mystery shopping is always done covertly in order that the staff you will encounter act completely naturally…as if they were dealing with a typical customer.

And, by taking on the role of a typical customer, you will need to be unbiased and objective, simply recording what you observe as you interact with any members of staff you meet. You may be making an enquiry or even making a purchase which you will be allowed to keep or for which you will be reimbursed.

Our mystery shoppers are very important as they help our clients to identify their weaknesses and plan their staff training. The reports they deliver can also lead to staff being rewarded for doing their job well. You will need to have a true sense of integrity, a good memory and be able to communicate in a clear and precise manner. Our clients include restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and a variety of different retailers.

How do I become a Mystery Shopper?

Just click here and complete an application form and simple online test.