Irresistible brands exert a magnetic power which makes choosing them inevitable and competing with them impossible. Based on our experience of more than 8,000 studies worldwide, NeedScope has identified 8 apps that can make your brand drive strategic and economic advantage.


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What’s your brand’s Irresistibility Quotient?

By calculating the IQ of over 1,000 brands NeedScope has proven that increasing your brand’s IQ certainly pays big.

Test your brand’s irresistibility: Unity

Unity is one of the 8 apps that drive irresistibility. Irresistible brands can successfully embrace master brands, sub-brands and variants, retaining an inherent family brand feel.

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Irresistible brands seem to attract consumers effortlessly, but the reality is they are built on a profound understanding of consumer needs and consistent management of every aspect of the brand.

Roz Calder, director NeedScope at TNS

NeedScope helps build irresistible brands

NeedScope is the world's leading research system designed to help develop and manage irresistible brands.