Building relationships for growth

Successful and growing companies recognise customers as an asset to drive growth through retention, increased spend and attracting new customers. And they know the importance of employees in delivering the optimal customer experience.

Successful companies build a loyal customer base by creating and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences by focusing on the areas that really matter most to customers. They go beyond employee engagement by establishing a high performance culture that delivers value to customers and provides growth for the organisation.

TNS is the world’s leading agency for customer and employee research with a network of over 800 experts in more than 80 countries and world class solutions that are used by over half of Fortune Top 100 companies. The solutions we offer provide clear, tailored and actionable direction to help clients identify what really matters to their customers, optimise their services and processes and deliver the optimal customer experience.

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Related case studies

  • Fight churn through customer orientation resulting in a value to the business in excess of €35 million

    Business issue

    A European leader in telecommunications network equipment and services was losing customers within an important B2B segment.  They were facing decreasing revenues, difficulties in cross-selling and an increasing level of negative feedback from their customers. The company’s growth strategy was at risk.

    They needed to identify the reasons for this situation and precisely understand what they had to do to put it right - with a limited budget.

    Precise insight

    A TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment survey was conducted to assess customer retention and its drivers.  The survey focused on one of the client’s key accounts, interviewing representatives from various divisions. Additionally a 'mirror analysis’ among staff compared customers’ service experience with the employees’ perception of their own performance.

    The research confirmed a low level of customer satisfaction, with a TRI*M Index of only 27, clearly below that of its competitors and among the bottom third of TRI*M database benchmarks. 

    The results showed that the client needed to clarify the responsibilities of project management and sales most urgently. The results of the mirror survey gave staff a realistic idea of their own performance, which they overestimated - stressing the need for better customer service.

    Following an action planning workshop based on these insights, customer service responsibilities were assigned more clearly between sales and project management. Task management and information flow were improved and new call management technology was installed.

    Precise plans for growth

    Our client significantly improved experience delivery at these critical customer touchpoints resulting in an overall strengthening of customer retention levels and a significant reduction in churn – with positive impact on the company’s entire customer base.

    The increase in the TRI*M Index led to growth not only from reducing customer churn rates, but also through increasing the average spend per customer, and recommendation from loyal customers further attracted new customers. This led to an estimated value to the business of over €35 million.

    For more information please contact Manfred Maier.

  • Achieve growth by increasing customer spend

    Business issue

    Our client, an automotive manufacturer, wanted to improve customer experience with its after sales services in order to increase sales of additional products or services and encourage customers to purchase more expensive items. The effectiveness of different measures needed to be evaluated regarding their impact on customer experience and spend. A further objective was to ensure that centrally defined quality standards were better met by the dealers.

    Precise insights

    Using the TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment methodology, TNS developed action planning workshops at the dealership level. The main drivers of customer retention were individually identified and discussed with staff and management at 40 participating dealerships. The required actions were prioritised according to relevant weaknesses identified. The individual workshop results and concentration on specific key drivers allowed a clear focus and strong buy-in by the client facing staff. Systematic action planning, based on key drivers and quality standards, delivered the individual actions needed to increase operational efficiency and to meet the required standards.

    Precise plans for growth

    Implementing the actions developed in the individual dealer workshops further resulted in the defined quality standards being met significantly more often by the dealers in parallel the TRI*M Index for these dealerships increased significantly compared to non-participating dealerships.

    For more information please contact Manfred Maier.