Unlocking social customer insight

Every day, millions of people share their experiences of products and services via social media. But how can you effectively unlock this wealth of insight to build strong customer relationships?

socialTRI*M powers customer experience management with the authentic voice of the customer and a deep understanding of their needs and expectations. Our innovative approach to social media analysis cuts through the conversations to decode the insights that truly matter to your business.

Questions that socialTRI*M can answer:

  • What do customers say about my products and services on social media?
  • How can I best address my customers’ needs, beliefs, expectations and experiences?
  • How can social media help me understand customer emotions?
  • How can I decode online conversations to optimise my customer services and processes?

Key benefits of using socialTRI*M:

  • Combines social data with strategic insights from robust survey data to inform your customer experience strategy
  • Applies structure to unstructured data with proven frameworks from customer research to provide actionable direction
  • Helps you identify potential issues early on and address critical moments to avert risk

socialTRI*M is one of our Customer Strategies research tools