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The automotive industry is changing faster than ever, with increasing competition, complexity from media fragmentation and growing pressure to develop greener vehicles and new mobility solutions. Traditional research is now too slow and often fails to capture the voice of the consumer fully.

At TNS, we constantly develop innovative services to help our clients unlock growth in this complex, ever-changing environment.

With over 50 years’ experience, TNS is the world's leading provider of automotive marketing information and insights. Our 800 dedicated consultants around the world are uniquely placed to provide precise strategic direction: deepening customer relationships, developing new products, targeting new markets and illuminating the road to growth through the entire customer-brand relationship journey.

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Related case studies

  • Success through building an irresistible new brand

    Business issue

    Our client was the market leader for scooters in India but had lost its leadership position in the two-wheel vehicle sector. Attempts to regain this position by launching a new motorcycle had been unsuccessful. Our client recognised that the problem was not just product but brand.

    Precise insights

    A qualitative and quantitative NeedScope programme investigated the dynamics of the market to identify the best growth opportunity for our client.

    By going beyond the functional, we showed that motorcycles and scooters meet very different needs in the Indian market. NeedScope explained what riding a motorcycle was really about and revealed an opportunity for a segment of the market best described as ‘liberation’. To be irresistible to this segment, a new brand needed to be young, sporty and irreverent, with a sense of freedom and exploration at its core.

    Plans for growth

    A new brand was successfully launched, targeted directly at the youthful, irreverent side of liberation. The new brand energized and focused the company and resulted in a return to the number one position as well as accolades in numerous prestigious motoring magazines.

    For more information please contact Rosie Hawkins.

  • Achieve growth by increasing customer spend

    Business issue

    Our client, an automotive manufacturer, wanted to improve customer experience with its after sales services in order to increase sales of additional products or services and encourage customers to purchase more expensive items. The effectiveness of different measures needed to be evaluated regarding their impact on customer experience and spend. A further objective was to ensure that centrally defined quality standards were better met by the dealers.

    Precise insights

    Using the TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment methodology, TNS developed action planning workshops at the dealership level. The main drivers of customer retention were individually identified and discussed with staff and management at 40 participating dealerships. The required actions were prioritised according to relevant weaknesses identified. The individual workshop results and concentration on specific key drivers allowed a clear focus and strong buy-in by the client facing staff. Systematic action planning, based on key drivers and quality standards, delivered the individual actions needed to increase operational efficiency and to meet the required standards.

    Precise plans for growth

    Implementing the actions developed in the individual dealer workshops further resulted in the defined quality standards being met significantly more often by the dealers in parallel the TRI*M Index for these dealerships increased significantly compared to non-participating dealerships.

    For more information please contact Manfred Maier.