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Get Real! The untold story of Millennials and why you should listen

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As a generation, Millennials are quickly guiding the food trends seen in the general market. When it comes to what we put into our mouths, where we buy it and how we want it packaged, Millennials and their preferences are leading the way. Brands in the food and beverage space must then be prepared for and be able to capitalize on the  wants and needs regarding the way Millennials  eat, research, and shop for their food.

The new value equation for food = great growth potential

An equation that once allowed consumers to perceive food value based on taste, convenience, and price is now much more complex; Millennials want real change but can’t seem to find it. What are they looking for in the next food innovation? What does this opportunity mean for you? Why is convenient authenticity, so important?

Why convenient authenticity is the missed millennial opportunity

Find out how to unravel the complexity of the Millennial consumer and explore the huge missed opportunity with Millennials that food and beverage brands are leaving on the table.


Watch a recording of the webcast here | Download the slides of the presentation here

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