Prioritise ideas that will grow your business in one day

eValuate Express is a super-fast, low cost way of finding concepts that will grow your business. In as little as 12 hours determine where best to invest resources, and get a read on how to optimise potential to fast track success.

Use eValuate Express to:

Test a range of new ideas to make prioritisation decisions

Get speedy feedback to drive decisions within an ideation workshop

See if a product from one country will work well in another

Understand the market potential of competitor launches

Speedily assess different executions of an idea to determine best marketing mix

Research you can trust

eValuate Express concept testing lead time 12 hourseValuate Express concept testing from £1,140eValuate Express concept testing available in 33 countries

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Overall Summary

A business based concept classification that uniquely incorporates both trial and growth potential to support more informed decision making.

KPI Scorecard Summary

Understand the performance of your concept(s) against proven KPI's that have been validated vs actual purchase. Know ‘what good looks like’, with all key metrics benchmarked against Kantar TNS's extensive database.

Incremental Trial

Improving your chance of identifying a winning idea by focussing on the incremental potential. eValuate improves the chances of identifying new products that will drive significant growth by almost 50%.

Highlighter diagnostic tool

Concept highlighter will flesh out the drivers and barriers of your concepts enabling you to optimise your propositions, and fast track ideas through your innovation process.

Concept Imagery

Concept imagery will enable you to understand if your key product and brand messages are effectively communicated to consumers, giving you the opportunity to adjust communication around your offer.

Early adopters trial

Surface breakthrough ideas, through a review of potential amongst more experimental consumers.