The desire disconnect

In Focus - You can't always get what you want

Why consumers don’t act on their desires and what this means for brands.

Press release - Customer dynamics redefined

TNS Introduces a New Approach to Accurately Identifying Growth Opportunities for Businesses.

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If you’re going to win the brand share battle, you need to understand exactly where the opportunities exist and how to leverage them. Traditional approaches just don’t provide this level of precision.

Rosie Hawkins, Global Head Brand & Communication

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Opinion Leader - The trouble with tracking

Today’s trackers ask the wrong questions – and they ask far too many of them. Jan Hofmeyr challenges the future of tracking.


Jannie Hofmeyr speaks about The Commitment Economy.

Press release - £7.1bn of grocery spend up for grabs

£7.1bn of grocery spend up for grabs if Waitrose can convert ‘Shallow Shoppers’.

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Press release - Glittering future for Champagne

Consumers are still keen to indulge their taste for the finer things in life.


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The Commitment Economy

Each year brands leave billions of dollars on the table, failing to achieve their full sales potential.

Major growth opportunities for mobile and online payment companies