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Thailand Digital Advertising Spend 2016-2017

In the matter of Thailand’s huge growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), 36% of Thai connected consumers* are most digitally, and socially active. They spend a lot of time online with being highly social, creating and sharing content, and engaging with brands.

Consequently, emerging of media migration is spotted in the market; literally moving to mobile centric. Shrink of traditional media is observed while time spent on online media per day continues extending. Thai connected consumers spend 3.6 hours per day for online activities, especially social networking and video watching.

Digital advertising spend, therefore, is substantially increasing over the past years and likely to keep its momentum simultaneously with increasing online activities of Thai consumers.

Essential industry data on digital advertising spend does not only indicate evolving digital trend, it also benefits marketers to connect the ‘right’ targets effectively. DAAT provides this data every six months and the latest version is now available. For further information, visit our Connected Life page.


Pongsupa Watcharasukum (Bas)

Business Manager of Technology and Digital

Kantar TNS Thailand


This report presents the data of 2016 and the forecast of 2017.


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The dual report presents the data for mid-year 2016 and data from 2015-2016.

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This report presents the data for 2016 (actual spending for first half 2016 and forecast spending for second half 2016).


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This report presents the data of 2015 and the forecast of 2016.

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