Kantar TNS Canada is this country’s foremost marketing and social research firm, and one of the largest. Our roots go back to 1932 when Canadian Facts was established as the country’s first survey research organization.

Today, we are a modern global giant in marketing and opinion research, but retain deep Canadian roots with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, and more than 100 full-time members of staff in Canada.

Over our long corporate history, our primary activity has remained the same: the conduct of research investigations to provide our public and private sector clients with fact-based insights that support sound decision-making. Our clients' businesses are varied. At any one time we might be working in banking, health policy, transportation and packaged goods. We might be carrying out a longitudinal five-year evaluation on the effects of a social policy initiative, as well as a one-week assessment of new advertising creative.

We take great pride in providing practical, efficient, results-oriented research. Our clients have come to recognize this in their dealings with us, and we feel it has contributed to the development of relationships that span decades. Our clients are small local companies, public sector organizations, and large national and international enterprises who value the thoughtful strategic counsel that comes with extensive experience, deep expertise in relevant practice areas and an analytical tool kit that is second to none.

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