What does it take to make your brand a Hero?

We present the essential playbook for would-be Heroes. Find out more

October 2014 | Brand & Communication

Matching supply and demand for brand content

For brands to succeed in content marketing, they need to put the right material in front of those that actually want it. Find out more

September 2014 | Digital

The truth about mobiles and shopping

A study by TNS proves that mobile apps are not disrupting purchases in anything like the numbers that previous research suggests. Read full article

September 2014 | Digital

The other side of the story

Want to tell a great brand story? You’ll need to learn how to listen first. Read full story

December 2014 | Qualitative

Latest news & insights

Brands are obsessed with the art of telling stories. However, only by unearthing deeper narratives within their audience’s minds can they tell original tales that connect on a deeper level. The fact is though, that many brands are too busy telling...

December 2014 | ThinkTank

Jorge Vargas, CEO of TNS Mexico, reveals a market where indigenous and Catholic traditions mix with a rapidly growing economy, an assertive younger generation and new challenges and opportunities: The rapid-growth characteristics that have earned...

December 2014 | Mexico, New markets

The global research programmes that deliver the best value are not the most standardised – and they are not usually the most elaborate. TNS’s experience of working with global research programmes shows how brands can create strong, flexible...

December 2014

The nuances of today’s digital lives demand a new form of segmentation. In this feature, you’ll meet the four personas of connected consumers that can guide multi-channel strategies in a fragmenting media landscape, and explore how the dimensions...

It’s a universal archetype that dominates the human consciousness and occupies an emotional space many brands aspire to. But taking on the Hero role demands a very different approach depending on the market you are operating in. We present the...

Digital technology has highlighted what’s wrong with face-to-face surveys – now it’s time for it to rejuvenate them. We report from the frontline on how tablet devices and digital data collection are transforming the potential of fieldwork at TNS:...

October 2014 | Research methods, Mobile

Long seen as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey is itself bridging the gap between demographic potential and robust, resilient growth. With a growing line of globally recognised brands, established digital infrastructure and a youthful...

October 2014 | Turkey

Brands cannot succeed at traditional trade without engaging the shopkeepers who control almost every aspect of it. We present a framework for understanding the motivations of traditional trade’s gatekeepers and influencing their decisions: The...

Extensive research from TNS proves that social media and search data can accurately predict the results of brand tracker surveys months in advance. The implications for market research are enormous. In this feature we explain the techniques between...

October 2014 | Research methods, Digital

Mobile shopping apps have been giving retailers showrooming-haunted nightmares for several years now. But when we look beyond how many people install these apps and ask how many people actually use them, a very different picture emerges. In a...

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