The Ideal Man: The challenge of national cultures for global brands

How do different cultures frame their Ideal Man and what are the implications for brand strategies? Find out more

June 2015 | Cultural insight

Bridging the gap

We’ve identified 4 changes to shopper marketing research to help brands achieve a more effective, integrated approach. Read more

June 2015 | Connected Shopper Journey

Making happen

The 7 questions that government will need answers for, as they seek to navigate the transition to Read more here

June 2015 | Political & Social

You’re listening but are you learning?

Social media offers a goldmine of customer experience insight but it takes a smart approach to manage its complexity. Read full article

June 2015 | socialTRI*M

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August 2015

Latest news & insights

The ‘Ideal Man’: exploring men across cultures to discover unique insights for brands. What should brands keep in mind when using humour in global advertising campaigns? The Ideal Man study by TNS Qualitative looks at how different cultures...

Digital technology has the power to transform relationships between citizens and the state, in a personalised, ‘’ paradigm for government services. But it can only do so if it has the right research to guide it. In this feature, we...

The ‘Ideal Man’: exploring men across cultures to discover unique insights for brands The Ideal Man study by TNS Qualitative looks at how different cultures instinctively construct and represent their idealised man. In this podcast, the...

Why is a set of perfect white teeth such an imperative for Americans? Why are Chinese men so slow to trust each other? Why did the Italians re-elect Berlusconi so many times? These questions are hugely important to global brands, because in...

Argentina is a market ripe for disruption; a diverse society with an appetite for global brands. And yet immediate challenges around inflation and the economy have led to several such brands abandoning the market altogether. In this feature...

June 2015 | Argentina, New markets

Latest press releases

TNS appoint Anne Rayner to Global Head of Communications Research

29 September 2015

The Skoda Superb, Mercedes GLE and Renault Kadjar created the most ‘digital buzz’ in 2015.

03 August 2015

Kantar is pleased to announce a forthcoming consolidation of its activity in Israel.

13 July 2015

Realizado pela TNS em parceria com a consultoria Le BIPE, o Observatório 2015 reúne vários atores da mobilidade do país.

29 June 2015

WPP has announced the winners of the 2015 Atticus Awards, honouring original published thinking in communications services.

25 June 2015