Published: 11/09/2018

As part of a series of webcasts, Irene Joshy, social anthropologist and qualitative research expert at Kantar, illuminates the different truths that qualitative insights bring to the table when it comes to creating compelling stories and building irresistible brands.

Illuminating truths: Keeping your brand relevant as cultures evolve 

Illuminating the truths of the cultural context enables brands to create irresistible campaigns that chime with consumers. Brand narratives need to keep up with the times and contemporise in order to create meaningful engagement with consumers.

In this webcast, Irene Joshy looks at culture through the layers of consumer needs, and explores how understanding this context provides deeper insight into building an irresistible brand.

You can watch the webcast recording here or download the accompanying article here.


Illuminating truths: Elevating your brand through great storytelling

Content is now being created at an astonishing rate. In such a noisy environment, how can brands cut through and hold people’s attention?

In her second webcast in the Illuminating Truths series, social anthropologist and qualitative research expert Irene Joshy explores the power of stories and how they can make brands memorable in the cluttered world of advertising.

Watch the webcast recording here