Finding Faster Growth is an area to discuss what we have learnt from helping clients to identify new customer groups, increase spend from their existing customers, develop new products and services and enter new markets.

Happy shoppers spend more

Opinion Leader
Retailers and brands alike have lost touch with shoppers’ needs and as a result they are missing one of the most important. Find out more

What does it take to be an irresistible brand?

Learn about the benefits of brand irresistibility in this in-depth article from the founders of NeedScope.

Opinion leader - Brownian motion for brands

Why brands need to know their situational equity.

In Focus - I eat therefore I am

23 million members of the Chinese population will have money to spend on indulging themselves for the first time this year.

No longer spoils of war: a future full of potential in Iraq

Two years on from the US withdrawal of troops, almost half of the population feel highly optimistic about the country’s future prospects.

Brazil's tropical spring lives on

Brazil’s ‘Tropical Spring’ will live on long after the storm subsides, how brands can succeed in this new era.

Spaceships, sports cars and noodles: Meet the real Ghana

Which West African nation has a space programme, billions of barrels of offshore oil and a middle income economy?

Opinion Leader - Happy shoppers spend more

Retailers and brands alike have lost touch with shoppers’ needs and as a result they are missing one of the most important.

On trade, tea and TVs: the key to Myanmar’s consumer market

Beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of people in Myanmar.

In Focus - Joining the future for the Mekong

A glimpse into the distinct national characteristics and complex histories of this region.

Opinion Leader - The trouble with innovation

Innovation often fails to deliver against increasing expectations. Steve Landis challenges traditional innovation models.

In Focus - Navigating growth in Africa

Looks at the trends and opportunities across the region – and what businesses need to consider to ensure success.

In Focus - Growth through targeted customer experience

How a segmented customer base can lead to new opportunities.

Opinion Leader - Stop interrupting shoppers

Ensure in-store engagement with shoppers really will increase sales.


Harnessing hope and optimism: life at the base of the pyramid.

The BoP’s population numbers 4 billion, its combined purchasing power of $5 trillion is more than 2.5 times the GDP of the UK.

Poonam Kumar, Regional Director, Brand & Communication

Opinion Leader – New customers: ‘base of the pyramid’ in context

4 billion people, entering the consumer economy present an opportunity for brands that strive to ‘do well by doing good’.

Opinion Leader – New customers: bridging the gap

To research the ‘base of the pyramid’ we can’t apply the shared assumptions which communication typically relies on.

Opinion Leader - New customers: dreaming little dreams

We might think brands have a limited role at the ‘base of the pyramid’. But try telling that to the people who live there.

In Focus - New products and services: picture this

How we bring future technology concepts to life for the Münchner Kreis Future Study.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust