From social networking and mobile commerce, to location-based services and constant connectivity, the ‘digitisation’ of our daily lives has had a powerful impact on the ways in which brands and consumers relate to each other. Please explore some of the interesting things we have learnt about new attitudes, motivations and behaviours.

Connected Life

Decision making in a connected world
Covering over 55,000 regular internet users in 50 markets around the world, Connected Life offers essential insight into the impact of the growing digital ecosystem on the media landscape. Explore the findings

Closing the eCommerce gap

Happy for people to research your products online but not buy them? Connected Life shows how to close the eCommerce gap.

Why having a mobile site should be just the start

Mobile-first design is no substitute for mobile-centric planning. Here’s what you need to put your brand at the heart of the handset.

How digital markets grow up

Want to know your market’s digital personality? Key findings from Connected Life 2014.

Demystify the future – see beyond the hype

We reveal the complex ecosystems that control the fate of new technologies and how businesses can predict, manage and profit.

Opinion Leader - Time to set the connected car free

The connected car has an exciting destination, but it will get there faster if auto brands let others do some of the driving.

In Focus – Blessing in disguise

Does mobile offer the key to combatting showrooming?

Opinion Leader – Winners & losers along the digital path to purchase

Brand owners need to take the right approach to ensure that their digital strategy doesn't distract from sales.

Key insight report - More than a marketing channel

The response of CMOs worldwide to the challenges and opportunities that mobile represents.

Opinion Leader - Brand relevance with the connected consumer

Digitally-empowered consumer behaves very differently to those who are still yet to plug in, and brands have to work hard to catch up.

In Focus - Technology use in LatAm

Emerging markets including LatAm are significantly outstripping the west in terms of adoption of Internet-enabled mobile devices.

In Focus - Mobile commerce reaches the tipping point

Around half of the world’s mobile owners are ready to use their phone to make purchases and manage money.

In Focus - Digital media use in Sub-Saharan Africa

For the world’s fastest-growing Internet population the web is a social, educational and largely handheld tool.

The impact of digital on growth strategies

CMO imperatives: the key challenges facing leading CMOs when using digital to grow their business -

How mobile raises the bar for brand communications

Key insights report into the impact of mobile for brands


When technology changes, behaviour changes too. Watch now.

Digital Life webcast presentation

View the presentation given at the launch webcast featuring some of the key findings from the Digital Life study


Our surprising observations from the digital world. Watch now.

Many brands have recognised the vast potential audiences available to them on social networks; however they are failing to understand that these spaces belong to the consumer and their presence needs to be proportionate and justified.

Matthew Froggatt, Chief Development Officer, TNS

Understanding the opportunity for growth online

A snapshot of the recommendations for brands based on the world’s largest study into digital opinions, attitudes and motivations.

Digital has led to a complete revamping of the view and role of IT and their role within the organisation. We have created a digital marketing IT function that works adjacent with my team – that incorporates data reporting so that the IT function is marketing-driven.

Larry Bruck, SVP Global Media and Marketing Operations, Kellogg Company