In the Brain Game, we look at the real drivers of human behaviour and how brands can learn from this work to develop strategies that build business.

The Commitment Economy

Gaining share of minds and markets
Each year brands leave billions of dollars on the table, failing to achieve their full sales potential. Find out more

The language of emotion

Emotions may be universal, but the way we express them isn’t. Discover marketing’s most powerful metaphors.

Opinion Leader - Social policy needs more than behavioural economics

The insights of Behavioural Economics can seem like the answer to policymakers’ prayers.

In Focus - Behavioural economics: the complete picture?

Our view of consumer behaviour has acquired new dimensions thanks to the contribution of behavioural economics.

In Focus - Integrated attention planning

When it comes to capturing an audience’s attention, brands have more channels available than ever.

In Focus - Breaking the habit code

How habits are formed and the learnings for brands.

Opinion Leader - May I have your attention please?

What is attention and how does it actually work?

In Focus - Making memories

Understanding how memories are made and the impact for brands.

Opinion Leader - The secret life of the brain

A guide to heuristics and the system 1 and 2 brain.

In Focus - You can't always get what you want

Why consumers don’t act on their desires and what this means for brands.