Is your auto brand future-fit? Check five vital signs to find out.

What are the five vital areas where brands need to be strong to survive or thrive in the decade ahead? Read more

September 2017

The moment that… millennials rewrote the rules on car usage

How can automotive and mobility brands meet the needs of tech-savvy millennials in the moment? Read More

June 2017

Winning in mobility comes down to a few crucial moments

To secure a role in tomorrow’s mobility landscape, auto brands must be a credible option at the moment when journey decisions are being made. Read More

May 2017

CES 2017: Chasing big wins, mobility players converge on Las Vegas

The stakes are high for serious mobility players but so are the potential winnings. Connectivity, personalisation and Millennials could be the best bets to win big. Read more

January 2017

Paris Motor Show trends reflect the evolving automotive world

Brands are using the 2016 Paris Motor Show to showcase more personalised, connected and environmentally acceptable driving experiences. It’s a reflection of changing automotive trends. Read more

October 2016

Simplicity key to connected complexity

Connectivity can enhance OEM relationships with consumers but only if it is easy to use and relevant to drivers’ lives. Read more

July 2016 | Automotive

Speed up to keep up in the connected car race

Connected cars are revolutionizing the global market, which offers a huge opportunity for OEMs. In the face of rapid competition from non-auto tech giants, how can OEMs stay in the race? Read more

May 2016 | Automotive

Getting Auto ready for the new (virtual) reality

Virtual reality will transform the scope and potential of automotive research, making it nimbler, richer, more responsive and more realistic. Read more

March 2016 | Automotive

Big Data’s big test drive

In the next five years, Big Data will transform the auto industry. Read more

January 2016 | Automotive

Welcome to brand tracking’s fast lane

The forces acting on auto brands’ equity are increasingly new and unpredictable. Brands can no longer afford to wait to find out what is happening. Read more

October 2015

Latest automotive blogs

It’s a historic tipping point for the automotive industry. A time of innovative revolution and mobility enlightenment. Experts reckon that in the next ten years, we’ll see greater advances than in the past hundred. Developments in connectivity,...

September 2017

Once upon a time baby boomers were teenagers, the American dream was gold and owning a car was the ultimate status symbol. The automotive industry enjoyed limitless enthusiasm from its customers since so many important moments in their everyday...

June 2017

The car has long symbolised and facilitated personal liberation. But now, congestion, connectivity and climate concerns are denting the popularity of the four-wheeled freedom machine. Frustratingly slow-moving traffic and increasing access...

May 2017

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Having just attended CES 2017 I hope that isn’t true. By the time it finished up yesterday, consensus judged it the most significant yet for the automotive industry. There were over 500 auto-...

January 2017

For years, motor shows were a straight race between the OEMs. Those with the fastest, biggest, most outlandish car on their stand were deemed the winners, even if the most futuristic cars on show barely made it onto the reality of the road. But...

October 2016

The weight of expectation created by connected car technology is huge. And we’re not talking about consumers who want better sat nav or smarter infotainment. To be honest, technology is moving so fast now that it far outstrips consumer expectation. ...

July 2016

Whether it’s self-parking, sat-nav, or just personalised music playlists, drivers and their passengers have fallen in love with connected cars. Obviously then, the technology represents a huge opportunity to differentiate and increase brand loyalty...

May 2016

Virtual reality is the next big thing in digital, with virtual environments spreading beyond the gaming and entertainment worlds and hitting the mainstream in the form of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR. These products have consumers...

March 2016

Big Data is about to transform the auto industry. Over the next five years, it will redefine the business of making, marketing, selling and servicing cars. And in the process it will redefine the scope of auto industry research. Our toolkit for...

January 2016

  The forces acting on auto brands’ equity are increasingly new and unpredictable. And those brands can no longer afford to wait several weeks or months to find out what is happening. The fundamental changes facing our industry over the next decade...

October 2015
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