It has come to our attention that TNS and Kantar’s name is being exploited to further a fraudulent “mystery shopper” or “secret shopper” scam affecting people in the UK, USA and Canada. Please find some information below regarding this and what to do if you have been affected.

United Kingdom - Phishing emails - March 2013

It has come to our attention that some people are receiving what appear to be phishing emails from a company posing as TNS UK.

If you receive an email like the below, it is not a legitimate request, please do not reply and report it to your email provider.

Sample Email:

A position is currently available for any individual in the UNITED KINGDOM who is interested in becoming an evaluator/Secret shopper.


1. Minimal Computer usage skill e.g. Desktop, Laptop or Mobile phone. 

2. To become a mystery shopper with Market Force you must be over the age of 18 and all you need to do is to register with us today by providing your details below and start shopping Evaluation! 

Kindly reply with the basic information below to get started. 

Full Name... 
Full Address... 
Mobile/Home number(s)... 
Email Address.... 

We're looking for thousands of participants to become mystery shoppers, tell us about their experiences in shops, pubs, clubs, hotels and many more places.

It is a flexible, fun and rewarding job. There is no charge to become part of our teams.

You do not need previous experience, also you would be paid 200pounds For Two Surveys Per Day; 600pounds for 3days surveys completed in a week.

NB: Only participants who replies or responds with their information above would be taken seriously.

If you did not request this subscription, please accept our apologies and simply ignore this message.

Warm Regards. 
TNS Mystery shopper

Please send us a copy of any materials you have received regarding this or similar offers bearing TNS’s name to

USA and Canada

Consumer Warning - Fake “Customer Services Evaluator” Offer August 2012

TNS is part of  WPP’s consumer insight and consultancy group, Kantar.  It’s come to our attention that Kantar’s name is being exploited to further a fraudulent “mystery shopper” or “secret shopper” scam. People around the U.S. and Canada are receiving offer letters bearing the Kantar name and logo, and fake contact information, inviting recipients to become a “Customer Services Evaluator” or “Investigative Shopper.” A cheque or money order is enclosed along with the letter, as payment for the shopping and the recipient’s services. Recipients of the offer are asked to call regarding a training assignment, and are then asked, in their role as a “mystery shopper” to wire money via Western Union or a Money Gram in order to evaluate those services. Of course, the cheque enclosed with the offer is not legitimate, but by the time that comes to light, the recipients have wired and lost their own money.

Kantar – and TNS - is in no way associated with these offers. Unfortunately, these fraudulent schemes are using the names of reputable companies like ours without our permission. We are taking all necessary steps to work with the appropriate law enforcement and governmental authorities about this scam.

If you have received an offer similar to the one described above, we recommend the following:

  • DO NOT attempt to cash or deposit the check (if the check has already been deposited, you should alert your bank immediately)
  • DO NOT send any money to Western Union or Money Gram
  • DO NOT contact any numbers listed on the offer and do not disclose any personal or bank account information

If you have been scammed, contact your bank, local and/or federal law enforcement authorities on how to proceed to recover any stolen funds, secure your bank account, and protect your personal information and privacy.

Please send us a copy of any materials you have received regarding this or similar offers bearing Kantar’s name by email to or by fax to + 1 (212) 621-0916

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